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Sally, Thank you

Thanks to your help, Melvin's clothes fit much better. He is patiently waiting for Santa!

The class is so thankfurl for you repairing the frog. We have been having each child take him home for the weekend and he needed a bath and repairs Thank you 28  children in 2nd grad




I can help repair , clean and restuff your special stuffed animal or animals.  I can not make them look exactly like they did when they were new.  I am very careful and try my hardest to do what I think you want done.

There is always something that can be done , sometimes it is not enough or it is not exactly what you thought it would be. This is very rare but I feel I should tell you this up front.

I can recreate them sometime also but again the same fabrics and eyes are not always avalible. Many of the stuffed animals are made over seas and it is not possible to get  the same eyes or noses. They can berecreated with my design ability.

 You can send pictures, however I usually need to see the shape of the material to tell you what I can do to help you.

My desire is to bring a smile to your heart.

I charge by the inch so when sending them to me please use the credit card on tis page or send a check. Make sure your information is in the box . That would be address, email,phone, and request for repair.

The turn around time depends on the time of year.  Usually 2 weeks is the longest except for special orders.


Here is a video that shows some of the repairs I have done this year in my studio.






Welcome to our Repair Shop where we specialize in re-FUR-bishing:

  • teddy bears
  • stuffed animals
  • overly loved special friends.

Over the years of love these sweet friends may need to be refurbished, we specialize in:

  • Cleaning & Re-stuffing
  • Missing limbs, eyes, & ears
  • Fur Replacement
  • Structural Repair